Sunday, September 12, 2010

❤ Lucky Packet Design: Linocutting and Rubber Adventures

In the midst of the paper cutting project, I got a bit distracted and decided to fiddle about with some rubber and a lino-cutter.  I started off with the pattern that I was playing around with in my paper cutting project, but then decided I'd like a regular old flower instead.  

By the way, I've cut myself at least 3 times.  In Ramadaan it was hard for me to control my frustration and not yell out, 'S#!^' every time I stabbed myself.  Linocutting is not for sissies.  Keep band-aids nearby - and perhaps some protective gloves.

After creating my rubber stamp, I decided to test it on a piece of fabric (which is somewhere around) and as it turns out, I'm pretty pleased with my first shot at lino cutting and printing.  I'm going to fiddle a bit with the design and once I find a trusty roller, I'll (hopefully) create some designs to share on here! :)

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  1. as salam

    i like this artsy stuff btw.

    just wanted to know what you studying through unisa- if that is ok to know tho?

    me too- PGCE through unisa...killing me with boredom tho