Monday, March 7, 2011

❤ Lucky Packet Design: Altered bag

I do love messing about with fabric. Check out this plain canvas bag that I altered at Hobby-X run by the lovely Elna of Between Cupcakes and Tea, with some paint and gel medium from Dala. I adore it! :)


  1. Thanks
    I want to make more of these once I have mastered the sewing aspect :)
    I think they will be perfect for travel, so one could put the really personal stuff in it, like undies, extra money, etc. Before putting them into a bigger bag.

  2. Pretty stuff!

    I think I'm back to blogging :)

    Things look different around here!

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  4. Salaams- just having a quick peak at this blog and liking it what I'm seeing:)
    (Miss those lucky packet days too!)