Sunday, November 20, 2011

I ❤ Food: Breakfast - Poached eggs and then some (salmon).

In my attempt to eat a bit healthier, I've recently delved into the world of poached eggs.

In my first attempt I tried the poached-in-a-pod method (cheat method), which I didn't enjoy the taste of very much, and today I tried the popping-the-egg-directly-in-the-water method.  After all, how can I go to cheat method without trying out the original method?
So I read up Smitten Kitchen's tutorial on poached eggs and tried it out one Sunday.
It was pretty simple enough and it came out exactly like SK's picture.

Ok so I didn't want just an egg on toast, I decided that my egg needed a friend.  
So I popped over to Woolworths, bought two freshly made croissant's from their bakery section (it tastes different to their prepacked croissants), sliced them open and prepared to add some fishy bits to it.
By fishy bits, I meant smoked salmon slices, of course.  Since I use any and every excuse to add smoked salmon to something, this was no exception.

I added some smoked salmon slices to the croissant, then topped it off with low-fat cream cheese, bits of rocket and sliced onion with just a sprinkle of lemon juice, black pepper, salt and a hint of dijon mustard.

Yet, here I was, still felt like something was missing.  

Then it hit me.  Fruit!

I added a bunch of gorgeous blueberries to each plate, and it was perfect!

Did I mention that it tasted good too? :)


  1. apparently, you swirl the water so that it makes a tornado vortex type thing, and then pop it I've heard.... looks YUmmy!

  2. Beautiful! To look at and, I'm sure, to eat. I will attempt the vortex method soon.

  3. I always let out a quiet screech as I unleash the egg into the vortex.
    I keep thinking that I'm sending the egg to it's doom!