Thursday, November 24, 2011

I ❤ Fridge Magnets

I have, perhaps, an unhealthy love for fridge magnets.
My refrigerator is COVERED in them.  I am ashamed to show you the entire refrigerator, so I have limited it to just four of my favourites, with a little story behind each of them.
My husband and I make a point of getting a magnet from whichever city we're visiting when overseas.  We have a few others, but we decided to leave up our two favourite city magnets.
Since Ottawa and Boston have special places in our hearts, we had to leave them on there.  These magnets had a special place on our fridge in our apartment in Boston too :)
The first magnet I ever made, which is a scalloped magnet with texture (can't see so well in this picture) is holding my first business card  :)
I bought the launch issue of the SA version of Good Housekeeping simply because I had to have the fridge magnet. How could I not resist?  It has macarons on it!  It has come in handy though, it's got a little notepad on it and has some conversion tables too.
Oh, did I mention that the obsession isn't just limited to my fridge?  
My overhead stove extractor fan gets some love too.  That's a custom made Lucky Packet magnet up there.  This also shows how much I love Bosch. ;)

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