Friday, November 11, 2011

I ❤ Workshops: NiQi | living luxe workshops

A few weeks ago The Lucky Packet attended a packaging workshops hosted by Naqiyah of NiQi | living {luxe}.    I love creative things, but I must admit, I tend to hide my gifts in a box or sad looking gift bag instead of presenting it beautifully to the special people in my life.  

The class at NiQi took me out of that mindset and altered my view on gift-giving.

Here are some tips that I picked up on the class:

  • Choose a few items which match up for your gift.
  • Choose a stunning box which match your items colour.
  • Arrange items in the box around a main focal point.
  • Decorate the box with chocolates, flowers or whatever 'fillers' you may have.
  • Don't forget to use the double-sided tape to ensure that everything is secure.
  • Decorate some more :)
  • Cellophane cover your entire box and over your gifts (more double sided tape is indeed your friend here)
  • Don't be afraid to decorate on top of the cellphone.  Use gorgeous ribbons, sticky diamante's, etc to embellish your gift
  • Add note or gift tags.  Go crazy.  Use stamps and punches to achieve a beautiful overall effect.

There's no denying that any gifts that have some sort of time and effort invested in them, will a lasting effect between those who give and those who receive.  Presentation is a major factor in gifting and it can create bonds between people, and, as we have noticed from the traditional South African-Indian-Muslim weddings,  the tradition of gifting is a huge point in the festivities.

The best part of the entire hamper-making process?  The treats Naqiyah provided AND the look on the face of the receiver afterward.

I've recently applied the same techniques now for a dear friend of mine, and my friend informed me that she refuses to open her babies gifts (yes, babies! she has twins) because they look lovely wrapped up!
Judging from that result, I will definitely pay more attention to presentation of gifts more.

NiQi is currently hosting a class on 26 November 2011 in Johannesburg on table decor, menu planning, handmade paper decor, and makeup & personal styling lessons.  

The very creative Saaleha from Soul&Paper will be presenting elements on decor and Rowena from Secrets & Stilettos will be presenting on personal style and makeup.  A HUGE bonus: One lucky attendee will win a free makeover from Rowena!

If you would like to attend the class, please check out the details here.

Update:  Due to the high demand, ANOTHER workshop will be held on 10 December.  Please contact NiQi for the details!


  1. byyyyy the way, just have to say I love the new look and lollipops theme :)

    On the subject of gift packaging, tis quite the art indeed! I actually struggled with it the other day - finding the right box, then the tissue paper was too ethereal to move with your fingers and kept breaking...there is a satisfaction when the different elements of a gift wrap all come together though :)

  2. Yay a comment! *hugs* lol, now you've just made my day!

    I hated doing the whole 'gifting' thing when it came to my wedding.
    In the end, I settled with wrapping up the boxes with wrapping paper and decorating the paper itself.
    It looked pretty in the end, and I really enjoyed the look on people's faces when their curiosity of what I got for my husband was thwarted. hehe ;)

  3. hehe :) I admire the art of Wedding Gift Wrapping, but it can also be a bit of a Snoot/Comparison/judging parade. That said, the way them gifts are packaged are generally exquisite.

    But I like the fact that you kept your pressies private. Tis not there business after all! :)